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For all lovers of fine books and those with a deep interest in judo these books are a must have. Dr George Kerr CBE reveals the secrets of a life in judo in an account full of philosophical insights and amusing anecdotes as he describes his incredible journey to the 10th Dan.
Comprising 288 pages, lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, combining black and white and full colour, George Kerr tells the story of a young boy from Leith in Edinburgh who travelled to Japan to learn the way of gentleness.
A modern day Odyssey beginning in the 1930s leading to the present day, My journey to the 10th Dan is George Kerr’s definitive autobiography. This is a unique work, far more than just a judo book and much more than mere autobiography because of George Kerr’s unique position in the world of judo. The only living 10th Dan outside Japan and a consultant to the International judo Federation, George Kerr is uniquely placed to render his vision of what judo is and what judo means.
This book is the fascinating personal account of a life dedicated to judo by a man who has excelled in every aspect of the discipline. It is a book which reveals the strategy for success, that is underpinned by the basic principles of judo. It is a book which reveals how to be successful, not just on the mat, but in life. It is a book about the fascinating people George Kerr has met on his journey.
It is a book about life, not just judo.
Exclusive 200 copies available
Signed by Dr George Kerr CBE 10th Dan